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The Famous Thai Massage
Hua Hin is one of Thailand�s top destinations in which to pamper yourself: the massage parlours and spas are plentiful and very good.
There are several different styles of massage the most popular are the foot massage, oil massage and the Traditional Thai massage, This is a fairly physical massage designed to stretch and manipulate the body.

Thai Massage Basics- an ancient art of body therapy for healing, health, and transformation

Thai Massage is an interactive manipulation of the body using passive stretching and gentle pressure along energy lines. These movements help to

adjust the skeletal structure
increase flexibility
relieve muscular and joint tension
stimulate internal organs
balance the body�s energy system

The effect is uniquely relaxing as well as energizing. Receiving a Thai massage is a bit like doing yoga without putting forth any effort while also getting acupressure treatments!

Sessions typically last two hours, and are performed on a floor mat with the client dressed in comfortable loose clothing. Thai Massage uses two primary procedures - applying gentle pressure with the hands and feet, and a wide variety of passive stretching movements.

With these techniques, applied in a quietly meditative atmosphere, space is created in the muscoskeletal structure, the body begins to open and regain flexibility and ease of movement, while the mind gently returns to calm alertness. Tension and toxic material is released from the joints, muscles, and connective tissue. The energy body, as well as the internal organs, are stimulated by pressure on peripheral reflex points.

The work displays an inherent knowledge of the inner workings of the body, a knowledge that developed over centuries of practice. There is something in the essence of this work that appeals to a wide range of people on a core level; something that satisfies their physical and emotional needs, and perhaps even assists in their spiritual needs.

It appeals to people, and is effective, because it treats the client with respect while encouraging them to let go of physical and emotional restrictions and to go beyond their present limitations. Or, it�s a whole and total approach to wellness" which allows one to "feel in harmony with the rhythms of life".

This ancient therapy is beneficial for young or old, active or inactive, healthy or not so healthy. While each person will respond to this work in terms of their own experience and present state of health, it is well to remember that Thai Massage has been used for countless generations to treat degenerative conditions and promote wellness.

Thai Massage facilitates a sense of unity, wholeness, and balance. It creates a dynamic physical experience which integrates the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

"Thai Massage assists the body�s innate desire to return to optimum performance and optimum health, contributing to a sense of ease and well-being. One begins to sense the rightness of the inner Self, Being, and of Life."

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Hua Hin Thailand with tropical sand, sea and sunshine Today Hua Hin is famous for its natural charm of beaches and mountains. Hua Hin is a major attraction and is one of Thailand�s most popular seaside resorts for foreign visitors


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