Some Basic Information About Thailand


Thailand in brief
Thailand attracts millions of tourists annually from all walks of life, from backpackers and honeymooners to families and pensioners. Its dazzling beaches, tropical weather, endless entertainment options, deep rooted culture, delicious food, and smiling locals are all part of the Thai experience.

Thai culture
Thai culture has been developed over hundreds of years, from the early Lanna period through to the Sukhothai, Ayutthaya and Rattanakosin periods, and is well represented in Thai classical dance and music, traditional costume, architecture, and arts and crafts. The most obvious cultural attribute to the tourist will be the ubiquitous temples which adorn every village and town in the country, the finest of which are in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Sukhothai, and Ayutthaya.

Thai food
Thai food is indicative of the Thai character; rich, spicy and incredibly diverse. Many people come just to taste the food, which ranges from a humble bowl of noodles or a plate of fried rice, to all out exotic seafood feasts. Thailand�s spicy curries and spicy seafood salads are particularly popular, served in all types of eateries across the country, and at affordable prices.

Thai people
Tourists will find Thais generally very polite and respectful, which is a direct consequence of their culture and Buddhist beliefs. The Thais come across as the friendliest people on earth, with their ubiquitous and endearing smiles and their famous hospitality. The formal �wai� greeting enforces this � palms together against the chest with the head bowed.




Thai Flag - The flag of Thailand has five stripes painted with three colours which is red, white and blue.

- Red stands for "The nation"
- White stands for "Religion"
- Blue stands for "The King"




Thai Language - the main language in Thailand was created by King Ramkhamhaeng. Thai consonants have forty four letters. Though it�s not really necessary to get by, you will undoubtedly have an easier and more enjoyable experience in Thailand from any time you spend learning Thai. Most Thais don�t expect a foreigner to be able to speak any of their language, and are often visibly surprised if you can string a few sentences together. It�s also encouraging how many people will tell you that you poot tai geng (speak Thai well), no matter how limited your command of the language really is. Even with only a fairly small vocabulary, you will find it a lot easier to get discounted prices at shops and markets and to make friends amongst the locals.


Thai Clothes - There are many different kinds of Thai clothes. In the present, Thais don�t really wear traditional clothes much, mostly only when there is a ceremony. For example: marriage, Loy Krathong, Dancing etc. There are many kinds to clothing for different ceremonies. Most Thai people wear clothes similar to Westerners. Particularly in Bangkok and other big cities. In some rural areas you may find older people wearing what would be considered traditional dress.


 Thai Dance - in Thailand there are five regions, each regions has its way of dance and different names.

- Central has "Rum Wong"
- Northern has "Fon Leb"
- Southern have"Rum Nora" and "Taloong"
- Eastern has "Rum Seang"

Thai traditional dance is one of the truly graceful aspects of the country and is quite symbolic of the Thai character itself. To see these beautifully costumed ladies and men patiently miming the ancient stories, which were originally developed and performed as entertainment for the royal court, is a treat that makes even modern audiences feel privileged.


Tuk Tuk - is a different kind of taxi in Thailand. The reason its called Tuk Tuk is because the noise of the engine. It has three wheels with no doors and windows. At the back is a long seat for about three people.




Thai Kites -Ancient Tradition Kites flying as a sport has been popular in Thailand since The region of King Ramkamhaeng of the Sukhothai period, some 700 years ago. There is also evidence that King Rama II (1809-1824)enjoy kite fighting more or less in its day present day from.The King used to match his pentagonal male kite, called a Chula ,against a courtier�s female kite, called a Pakpao,on the Pramain Grounds beside the royal palace,the same area from which kites are flown today.


The Sangha World in Thailand consists of about 200,000 monks and 85,000 novices at most times of the year. However, these numbers increase during the Buddhist �lent� to 300,000 and 100,000 novices. Young boys may become novices at any age, but a man cannot become a monk until he reaches the age of twenty. He can then remain a monk for as long as he wishes, even for just one day. Three months is more usual, although some choose to remain in monkhood for the rest of their lives. Thai monks can be seen wearing various shades of robes, from dark brown to the familiar brilliant saffron. There are no rules, but the darker shades are preferred by monks in the Dharmmayuth sect and Thu-dong or forest monks.


Thai Farmers - The farmer in Thailand is an important occupation that goes back hundreds of years. The farmers are the backbone of the country and rice is our staple diet.




Thailand, the world�s biggest rice exporter, Thailand is an agricultural country. Rice is the most important thing for Thai people. Everyone in Thailand has rice as the main food.




Grand Palace - is the palace for the King and Queen. This is the most popular tourist attraction in our country. The tourists that come to Thailand should come to visit here.




Wai - Every Thai person knows how to Wai. It is the name of how to pay respect in Thai, used to pay respect to each other when we meet or leave.





Elephants can be seen all over Thailand and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thailand. Most people go on a elephant treks while on holiday.



Buffalo - It is an important animal for the farmers because they use the buffalo to plough the paddy fields.




Thai Silk - The handmade silk is one of the export things of Thailand. It is very beautiful and famous all over the world. Thai silk is always weaved from the real silkworm.




Takraw - The famous sport of Thailand. Thai people in the old times liked to play Takraw. Thailand is one of the countries that play Takraw very well. And have been the winners ot the Asian Games.





Thai Chess - It has been well-known in Thailand for long time. It is the game that needs a lot of patience and planning the same as war. Thai chess is different from the world chess.






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