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Huahin district is located in the hot zone. The weather is controlled by seasonally circulating air. There are 3 main seasons;

- Summer (Mid Feb � Mid May)  South-East wind
- Rain (Mid May � Mid Oct) South-West wind
- Winter (Mid Oct � Mid Feb) North-East wind

Hua Hin has one of the lowest rain falls in Thailand and being a coastal town gets that lovely sea breeze, so can be visited all year round with one of the lowest rainfalls of any beach area. Weather is hot but refreshed by a cooling sea breeze. Most days offer clear blue skies and sometimes billowing white clouds. Hua Hin was chosen as the Royal resort due to the excellent weather and climate.


There really isn�t a bad time to visit Thailand. Traditionally, the high season is when the weather is generally at its coolest and driest, from Mid Oct � Mid Feb


Rainy Season: The southwest monsoon comes from the Indian Ocean with rain-laden clouds, from about June to October. Not every day it rains so there is still plenty of sunshine. The humidity makes it feel hot and sticky. Mid May � Mid Oct and temperatures average 24 to 32 degrees Celsius.
Cool Season: The northeast monsoon from central Asia usually blows from Mid Oct � Mid Feb bringing relatively cool, dry conditions to Thailand. This is the best time to visit Thailand. During the Cool Season, the temperatures drop to an average 21 degrees Celsius and 14 degrees.
Hot Season: Between the two monsoons, Mid Feb � Mid May the land heats up, creating an area of low pressure above it. Eventually the high pressure over the Indian Ocean moves inland, and the monsoon cycle begins again. This is the hottest time. During the Hot Season the temperatures soar to a high of 34 Celsius.

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Hua Hin Thailand with tropical sand, sea and sunshine Today Hua Hin is famous for its natural charm of beaches and mountains. Hua Hin is a major attraction and is one of Thailand�s most popular seaside resorts for foreign visitors


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